The Team

Stefan Terry

Stefan Terry Bsc Hons CII Award

Chief Wealth Officer

Paula Leonor

Paula Leonor

PA and Officer Manager

Strawberry Palacio

Strawberry Palacio

Administration Assistant

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Our Customer Say

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  • ” Stefan is an extremely rare breed of Financial Advisers. He is very generous with his time, advice and insights. He literally haunts you to do the right moves versus many others who seal the deal and move on to the next client, and guess what, I’m always benefiting from his valuable habit. With Stefan, you get the true benefit of expertise and integrity (quite rare in the world of finance lately). He is young but blessed with patience and wisdom. Where was he 17 years ago….good people deserve to have their own Stefan managing their wealth”.

    Omar KabbaniManaging Partner at Lighthouse UAE

  • ” Stefan is a true wealth manager, who partners with you to help you attain your financial goals. It is uncommon to find someone who is not only good at what they do, but is also qualified to do be a financial advisor. He knows the markets, he knows the legalities and will always give you solid advice that you can rely on to be genuine with no other agenda but to make you wealthier. I highly recommend you get your savings and insurances plans in order with Stefan. He will not disappoint you”.

    Iman AnnabIndependent Consultant at

  • “I do remember seeing my investments almost double in the first year I had this plan with you. That of course was during the economic boom, and I do, in fact, consider the 18% percent overall return at this time quite spectacular, given the collapse of the world economy during the past year. Also, hopefully I do make it clear to you when we meet how much I appreciate your attention to me as a client. I am more used to being ignored once I hand money over So, the regular meetings you schedule for me at the Globaleye office, and the considerable time you spend with me each time is much appreciated!”

    Peter BodoczkyCaptain at Emirates Airlines

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